In a statement to passengers and travel agencies, low-cost airline IndiGo said: «Please be informed that the revision of the Air Bubble agreement between India and Oman, from 9 November, will require IndiGo to limit its operations between the two countries from the date indicated.dem 9 November 2020.» India and Oman cut their bubbles after passengers tested positive for COVID-19. Under the new agreement, airlines can only fly 5,000 passengers a week in each country, up from 10,000 previously. India has also begun banning private airlines on flights to Oman and only allows the State of Air India on the route. «Transport bubbles» or «Air Travel Arrangements» are temporary agreements between two countries that aim to resume commercial passenger transport when scheduled international flights are suspended as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. They are reciprocal, which means that airlines in both countries enjoy similar benefits. Details of these agreements, such as those of 18.11.2020, are as follows: However, recent reports indicate that only national airlines from both countries are now allowed to operate flights, meaning that only Oman Air, Salam Air and Air India Express will be allowed to fly in accordance with the bubble agreement. According to senior officials, the decision to limit the operation of other private airlines comes after the revision of the air bubble agreement between the two countries. Muscat: An aerial bubble was built between India and Oman. The agreement enters into force from October 1, 2020 until November 30, 2020. The designated airlines of the two countries are now allowed to offer routes between India and Oman under the following conditions: India entered into an air travel agreement with Bangladesh on 28 October 2020.

This plan is applicable until January 31, 2021. Indian and Bangladeshi airlines are now allowed to offer routes between India and Bangladesh and to carry on these flights the following categories of people: India has set up an air bubble with Afghanistan. Indian airlines and Ariana Afghan Airlines are now allowed to offer flights between India and Afghanistan and to carry on these flights the following categories of people: the air bubble agreement between India and Demoman expires on November 30. MUSCAT: From 9 November, only the national airlines Oman Air, Salam Air, Air India and Air India Express will be able to fly between Oman and India under the air bubble agreement. As part of an air bubble pact between two countries, special international flights may be operated by airlines under restrictive conditions due to the new coronavirus pandemic to the territories of the other country. In a tweet, Mr Puri said: «Continue to expand the scope of international air service. Please announce the establishment of a bilateral air bubble system for flights between India and Oman, bringing the number of such agreements to 16. Carriers from India and Oman will operate between the two countries. Civil AviationSee Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said that India has established a separate bilateral air bubble agreement with Oman for the operation of special international passenger flights between the two countries NEW DELHI: This is good news for travellers interested in traveling to Oman, as the Government of India has implemented air bubble agreements with the country.