The agreement will cover how finances and assets are distributed between the couple in the event of adultery and how to pay child support during marriage or after adultery. With all this in mind, it is quite strange to add a weight loss clause to the contract. Of course, keeping your physical appearance is important for both people in a relationship, but there is something icky about making it legal. I hope that u/katintheAM has the means to protect itself legally against some interesting claims. It is interesting to note that fathers gain weight after the birth of a child. According to a study by North Western University, first-fathers gain about four and a half pounds and their body mass index exceeds two percent. This is mainly due to a lack of sleep that accompanies a new baby. Some lawyers have reported an increase in so-called lifestyle prenupe rules in recent years, according to the American Bar Association Journal. Randall Kessler, an Atlanta-based divorce lawyer, said he knew of provisions that punish everything from curses ($100 for each «F-bomb») to weight gain (eliminating understakes for a woman when she received 25 pounds of her wedding weight).

«I seriously doubt that both will be enforced, but I also seriously wonder why someone would marry someone who has made such demands,» he said. Some of the most extreme clauses determined how long couples would spend together, how often they would take a vacation or even things like the maximum weight a partner could gain and the frequency of sex. Lockie said that certain clauses such as school education and religious education, although not legally applicable as such, could nevertheless be useful if a court subsequently adopts decisions that reflect such lifestyle clauses in a financial agreement. Agreement on a marriage agreement may be wise if love becomes furious. Credit:File Image If you run one of the world`s largest technology companies, time is money – but time spent with your life partner is priceless. That`s why Mark Zuckerberg and his longtime love Priscilla Chan have incorporated the gift of time into their marital agreement. International superstar Beyoncé is essentially paid to have children, which has become lucrative since she and husband Jay-Z have three in total.