Are you getting involved? Congrats! Here`s when they should consider a marriage deal – and how to get started. Many marriages are initiated by the parents of the multi-income spouse. You`re the elephant in the room that forced his son to have one. Often, marriage is at a time when the parents are relatively young (in his fifties), and the son still does not have many assets, or has the fortune given to him by his parents. Almost all of these parents had a «real» marriage without marital agreement. They force the son to a less complete type of marriage that they enjoyed. They made a big mistake and alienated the new woman and her family forever, which weakened the marriage from the beginning. Is it possible, then, to believe that marriage is a lifelong covenant and that it still wants a conjugal agreement? Absolutely. As mentioned above, there are limited instances that may require a prenup. The real question is what is the reason for having one. Weddings are now a hot topic, whether you are engaged, happy or unhappy. This is a good time to think about a marriage deal. Prenups do not pay tribute to the woman who has less money for raising children and sacrificing work opportunities to provide household care.

What can happen is that the woman has children, takes care of the house and has a limited career, while the man spends a good part of his time earning money. In some agreements, he can spend most of his time developing and expanding his separate property, which is protected by her, while giving all his efforts to marriage. It is a very destructive situation. In addition, prenups disrupt the balance of power in a marriage and often give the money-hungry spouse everything to decide what he wants with regard to the sharing of property with less money-hungry spouses, and by letting that spouse control all the financial and business decisions that the couple usually shares. REPONSE: This family appreciates their money more than their relationship with you. If your bride-to-be cares more about money than you do, you shouldn`t marry her. My daughter has just married and I never thought to offer her a marital arrangement. If I die and give them money and they divorce, they divide it. That`s how it works, so stay married.