Lord Kerslake, Chairman of the UPP Foundation`s B-ERGERUniversity Committee, said: «The important and positive response from the sector, in which more than 50 universities have in the meantime agreed to reach an agreement, has been very moving. As a sector, we now need to work together to determine how best to implement them. Following the launch of Truly Civic: Strengthening the link between universities and their places of study (the final report of the UPP Foundation Civic University Commission), there are now more than 40 vice-chancellors who have committed their universities to developing agreements on citizen universities – one of the most important recommendations of the report. Be sure to read the information on this page before filling out the cancellation form and know the terms and conditions of your student residence contract (PDF). What map and UPP have in common is that none of these guidelines can constitute a two-way agreement between the brand and the reseller. That is why the U of the UPP is one-sided. The law treats both map and UPP as unilateral guidelines implemented by the brand or by the manufacturer. «The agreements of citizen universities offer the opportunity to frame this work and the other work that universities do as part of the broader civic mission. This creates a «virtual circle» of improvement and also helps to ensure that local and national responsibilities support each other. As signatories to this declaration, we call on our universities to develop agreements on civic university. The agreements will better balance our priorities with those of our local partners. In addition to schools, high schools, local authorities, charities, the NHS, civil society and small and large businesses, we want to ensure that our place prospers in the decades to come. This means that infringements of a brand`s UPP are dealt with primarily by the brand itself – such as the threat to stop the retailer`s delivery hurting with more of its products.

And while these guidelines are not agreements between the brand and the dealer, the violation of some resellers may be related to civil consequences, and the brand has ways to do so, such as sending eavesdropping and omission alerts or low-take notifications for trademark infringement.